Casta Fierce
Monster High Student
Age 19
Monster Parent Circe
Killer Style I like lots of buckles and straps crisscrossed over black and purple fashions splashed with glitter.
Freaky Flaw I have to make sure to word the lyrics of my songs in just the right way or I run the risk of turning my audience into…well…let’s just say frogs don’t usually ask for an encore.
Pet I can’t have a pet because I don’t think I could stand being constantly asked, Oh how cute…was this a fan of yours?
Favorite Activity I'm a performer. I love being on the stage under the lights with an audience in front of me. There’s nothing like it, and it's all I ever want to do.
Biggest Pet Peeve Fans who show up late and leave early. If you're coming to my show, please be on time and stay till the end. It’s a distraction, especially to the real fans that really want to be there. If that makes me sound like a diva, I can unlive with that!
Fav School Subject When I was in school, it was drama. I could always play and sing, but drama class taught me how to be an entertainer. It's also where I learned the spellcial effects and flyrotechnics I use in my concerts.
Least Fav Subject N/A
Favorite Color Black and Purple
Favorite Food Tomatoes and monsterella cheese with balsamic vinegrrr.
BFFs Catty Noir and Operetta
Doll Diaries Casta Fierce Doll Diary

Casta Fierce is the daughter of Circe. Casta is a singer. Monster High made her into a doll in 2014, she was the second reveal at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con, she was released in stores in Late August to Early September, 2014. Her lyrics can have the power to turn her audience into any animals (plus other magic) and she has little control over her powers, in her 2nd cartoon debut webisode 'I Casta Spell On You' it is known that she thinks about Toralei failing at flying on a broom to help her not think about her lyrics and make them backfire.



Casta is a singer, and according to the webisode 'Casta Vote' she only does once-a-year concerts around Halloween due to her lyrics backfiring and turning her fans into animals, which means she tries to focus on something else whilst singing the lyrics. Her next webisode debut 'I Casta Spell On You', she thinks of Toralei failing at flying a broom to help conquer her fear, it is still unknown if she will continue her once-a-year concerts or actually continue touring normally.


Casta has black hair with purple and orange streaks in. She has green skin. She has a beauty mark above her top lip. She has an orange and purple glitter dress with orange shoulder pads with black spiked belts around them, she has a black spiked belt below the glitter part of the dress, with  ruffles at the bottom, sh then has a black fishnet glove on her right arm. She also has purple spiked boots.


Casta is friends with former singer, Catty Noir, she is also friends with Operetta, she is supposedly friends with her bandmates.